High-Powered Lasers

We Hold and Maintain An Active Government
Variance for Class 4 High-Powered Lasers

Laser Features

Full Color Laser

Produces more than 1,000 colors with additive analog RGB color mixing. Precise and crisp low-divergence beams.

30K Graphics

We can easily create sharp and stunningly bright graphics, logos, text and animated projections up to 100ft tall.

Class IV

Certified to comply with U.S. FDA standards and also comply with applicable IEC, UL, ETL, CSA & ROHS standards

Integrated Control

FB4 hardware installed for the most powerful laser show control software.

Tour Grade

Ideal for medium-to-large venues, touring acts and production companies.

Temperature Resistant

Has a sealed optical deck for temperature resistance and max diode output.​

Laser Fixture Highlight

X-Laser Skywriter HPX Tour 5W

From the Manufacturer: 

Our most powerful Skywriter model ever is also our most rugged, so the HPX Tour smoothly handles the rigors of the road, and also makes for a spectacular permanently installed lighting fixture. The HPX Tour boasts 5W of raw, full RGB laser power, so it can easily produce bright and attention-grabbing effects in venues holding up to 5,000 guests. Combining that much power with its precision 30K graphics scanners, the HPX Tour can also produce enormous image projections up to 300 feet away at sizes up to 100 feet tall. You can produce the exact effect you want thanks to DMX and ILDA control, and its advanced color mixing technology gets you the exact colors needed for your setting. Efficient, robust and compact, the HPX Tour can elevate your lighting rigs and elevate your business.

*Fixture will be mounted accordingly

Tour-Grade Laser Show Packages

4 Laser Package

3 Laser Package​

2 Laser Package​

Laser Package