More Lighting Add-Ons

Follow-Spot Package

An example picture is displayed in our page header. Works great for Introductions, Presenters, Hosts, Announcements, and more.

UV Blacklight Lighting

UV Blacklight Package

A powerful COB UV Cannon to deliver UV rays hundreds of feet away. This is one of the most powerful UV fixtures on the market. 

Strobe & Eye Candy Lighting

Atomic Strobe Light

The most powerful strobe that exists today. The Atomic 3000 LED is not only a strobe, but also a creative tool that incorporates backlight illumination with RGB-controlled LEDs pointing into the reflector.

String Lights

String Light Bundles

Outdoor rated. 2W bulbs. Steel guideline included for segments over 10ft. Includes labor, tools, supplies, and materials. 

Mirror / Disco Balls

Mirror Ball Bundles

This mirror ball is perfect for clubs, weddings, and private events due to its low cost and versatility. It is going to offer that spectacular Saturday night fever atmosphere you are looking for.