Video Solutions

*When combined with a DJ & Production Level

Display Types

LED Wall

This is our recommended option. An LED Wall can be used both indoor or outdoor during the day or at night for 50 to 40,000 guests.


Projection is great in dark environments and for smaller budgets. Projection can be can be used on different surfaces, no screen needed.


An LED TV works great in close proximity and small conference presentations. The footprint of a TV is far less than most display types.


Using powerful processing and laser projectors, we can create laser animations using text or frames from video for a powerful display.

Display Anything

Big Releases

Showcase stats, video game trailers, movie trailers, and more.


From lectures to training, we've got you covered.

Monograms / Logo

Highlight individuals or brands on screen!

Concert Visuals

Have abstract or music video visuals flow through the night.


Drop a display in a high traffic hallway to the big event.


Navigate your guests to the proper areas.

Remote Speeches

Someone can't make it? No problem.

Eye Candy

Fill in dead space with video designs matching your event.

LED Wall

LED Wall Features

High Resolution

Each panel has a 4.81mm pixel pitch and 104x104 pixels, allowing any size configuration.

Outdoor Rated

Each panel is IP65 Front, IP54 Back, making it great for a temporary outdoor screen.

Thousands of Colors

Panels use SMD1921 3-IN-1 RGB LEDs, making the color extremely clear..

Build To Size

Each panel can be linked together to make any screen size or screen shape.

Daylight Bright

The screen can be seen during daylight without issue.

Powerful Control

We use state-of-the-art hardware and software to make sure the picture is smooth.

LED Panel Highlight


From the Manufacturer: 

The AV4IP is a high resolution video panel from ADJ. Each panel has a pixel pitch of 4.81mm with a configuration of a 3-in-1 RGB SMD1921 LED’s. The panel is IP65 on the front and IP54 on the back, which allows for temporary outdoor use. 

The brightness is 4000 NITS. There are 2 LED modules per panel. This allows for easy serviceability. The AV4IP includes IP65 locking power in/out connections and locking RJ45 ethernet in/out connections. This panel also features a Novastar receiving card.

The AV4IP is a great video solution for indoor or outdoor use. 

LED Wall Packages

Extra Large Wall

142″ High Resolution Video Wall
6×4 panels (WxH)

Large Wall

115″ High Resolution Video Wall
5×3 panels (WxH) 

Medium Wall

88″ High Resolution Video Wall
4×2 panels (WxH) 

Small Wall

71″ High Resolution Video Wall
3×2 panels (WxH)

*Depending on your base production, additional hands or a travel upgrade may need to be appended.


Projection Features

Cost Efficient

One projector can cover more area for a larger screen.

Quick Set Up and Strike

Allows for an area to be used even during the event.

Display On Anything

We can use screens, walls, and 3D objects.

Projection Packages

Projection should be used in low-light environments for best quality. Screens are from the floor or platform up. Suggested for indoor use only. 

20x12ft Pro Screen

10x8.5ft Pro Screen

7x5ft Screen

*Depending on your base production, additional hands or a travel upgrade may need to be appended.

LED Screens

LED Screen Features & Packages


Small Foorprint

Fits in small areas.

Close Proximity

Good for small groups to interact with in close proximity to the screen.


Screens work better than projectors in mild daylight.


TV screens work better than projectors in mild daylight.

42" LED TV Screen Package

34" UltraWide Monitor Package

*Depending on your base production, additional hands or a travel upgrade may need to be appended.


*When combined with a DJ & Production Level

Laser Fixture Highlight

X-Laser Skywriter HPX Tour 5W

From the Manufacturer: 

Our most powerful Skywriter model ever is also our most rugged, so the HPX Tour smoothly handles the rigors of the road, and also makes for a spectacular permanently installed lighting fixture. The HPX Tour boasts 5W of raw, full RGB laser power, so it can easily produce bright and attention-grabbing effects in venues holding up to 5,000 guests. Combining that much power with its precision 30K graphics scanners, the HPX Tour can also produce enormous image projections up to 300 feet away at sizes up to 100 feet tall. You can produce the exact effect you want thanks to DMX and ILDA control, and its advanced color mixing technology gets you the exact colors needed for your setting. Efficient, robust and compact, the HPX Tour can elevate your lighting rigs and elevate your business.

*Fixture will be mounted accordingly

Laser Features and Package

Laser Features

30K Graphics

We can easily create sharp and stunningly bright graphics, logos, text and animated projections up to 100ft tall.

Full Color Laser

Produces more than 1,000 colors with additive analog RGB color mixing. Precise and crisp low-divergence beams.

Integrated Control

FB4 hardware installed for the most powerful laser show control software.

Video Laser Package​