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90s History

The 90s were a decade that introduced exciting new technology, some great music, movies, TV, as well as some truly unique fashion color trends. The 90s grunge music scene was a counter to the 80s and its overproduced music defined by heavy use of synthesizers and digital production tools. It also furnished the Boy Band and Girl Group craze. After decades of the neon color plus the grunge scene status, this brought about a darker color pallet.

More Ideas

- Dress like the 90s. Get clothes from a thrift shop!
- Have us host a best 90s attire competition.
- Purchase other 90s decor.

The Experience

That 90s Party recreats the best of the 90s. Using the best 90s dance music, a giant lava lamp in the center of the floor, a room moving as if you are inside a lava lamp, a smokey atmosphere, and a recreation of the glow in the dark stars around and overhead, you’ll find yourself back in time. Music will consist of 90s bands and hip hop.

Production Comments

We use our full range of color/stage wash light fixtures and turned them into a grunge color scene including dark plum, forest green, and deep red to create a moving color scene as if you are inside a lava lamp. The moving heads will be used to create the ceiling or wall stars around the room.

Experience Levels

Pop-Up Production Base + Customizations


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