Special Effects

CO2 Cryo Blasts

Tier 2

Tier 1

  • Upgrade Blaster to Handheld Blaster
  • 50lb CO2 Siphon Tank with CO2
  • Can be used Indoor or Outdoor
  • One cryo blast is 3-4 seconds.
  • Tier 1 will have about 50 total seconds of cryo effect.
  • Tier 2 will have about 25 total seconds of cryo effect.
  • Please consult for material information 
  • CO2 / Cryo Effect Must Be In A Well Ventilated Area
  • If you have a tier in your Level already, you would just pay the cost difference to upgrade.
  • May Need Larger Transport Size
  • See
Confetti & Streamer Blasts

Tier 2

Tier 1


  • Single-Colored Confetti, Lift Cup
  • UV Confetti, Lift Cup
  • Metallic Confetti, Lift Cup


  • Single-Colored Streamers 25', Lift Cup
  • Single-Colored Streamers 50', Lift Cup
Colors Of Confetti & Streamers

Baby Blue (soft blue)  •  Multi-Bright 5 Color Mix  •  Navy Blue (Midnight Blue)  •  White  •  Black  •  Kraft (Earthtone)  •  Red  •  Purple  •  Lavender  •  Yellow  •  Goldenrod  •  Orange  •  Hot Pink  •  Dark Green  •  Lime Green  •  Turquoise  •  Dark Blue  •  Teal  •  Red/White/Blue Mix  •  UV Mix

  • Purchase 2 full blasts and we’re happy to mix the 2 colors in both blasts.
  • Anything that fits in the 2″ tube can essentially be launched, including T-Shirts.

Snow /day

  • Additional 20L Dry Snow Fluid (~55 Minutes)
  • UV Snow Upgrade (on the 20L)
  • This is what is used in production movies. It is micro-bubbles.
  • Great for formal and informal events. 
  • 20L is about 55 minutes of 50% output. 
  • Please consult for material information 
  • If you anticipate a few short snowfalls, it works fine on carpet and cement.
  • If you anticipate a more continuous fall of snow, please anticipate a wet floor. 
  • We offer a sealed floor protection should you want the continuous fall anywhere. 
  • May Need Larger Transport Size
  • See
Balloon Drops

1,000 Balloons​

500 Balloons

250 Balloons​​

  • Balloon Drops work great for countdowns, big announcements, goal achievements, and more.
  • Great for formal and informal events. 
  • We use industry standard practices, materials, and supplies.
  • Add multiple balloon drops for more coverage, or for more than one balloon drop.​


  • Additional 1 Gallon of Bubble Fluid
  • UV Bubble Upgrade (on the gallon)
  • Yellow Bubble Upgrade (on the gallon)
  • Hazer See More ↗
Ground Fog

Ground Fog

  • Additional Gallon Of Fluid


  • Additional 1/2 Gallon of Fluid
Cold Spark Fountains

Non-Flammable Cold Spark Firework Simulator

Spark Machines & Permit(s)

Additional Spark Machines


Flamers & Permit(s)

Additional Flamers

  • Indoor Nozzle
  • External Fuel Tank

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