Confetti & Streamer Blasts

Tier 2

Tier 1


  • Single-Colored Confetti, Lift Cup
  • UV Confetti, Lift Cup
  • Metallic Confetti, Lift Cup


  • Single-Colored Streamers 25', Lift Cup
  • Single-Colored Streamers 50', Lift Cup
Common Colors

Baby Blue (soft blue)  •  Multi-Bright 5 Color Mix  •  Navy Blue (Midnight Blue)  •  White  •  Black  •  Kraft (Earthtone)  •  Red  •  Purple  •  Lavender  •  Yellow  •  Goldenrod  •  Orange  •  Hot Pink  •  Dark Green  •  Lime Green  •  Turquoise  •  Dark Blue  •  Teal  •  Red/White/Blue Mix  •  UV Mix

  • Purchase 2 full blasts and we’re happy to mix the 2 colors in both blasts.
  • Anything that fits in the 2″ tube can essentially be launched, including T-Shirts.
CO2 Cryo Blasts

2x Tour Blasters

Handheld Blaster

50lb CO2 Tank

  • 50lb Tank Cover for Formal Events


  • Additional 20L Dry Snow Fluid (~55 Minutes)
  • UV Snow Upgrade (on the 20L)
Balloon Drops

1,000 Balloons

500 Balloons

250 Balloons

125 Balloons



  • Additional 1 Gallon of Bubble Fluid
  • UV Bubble Upgrade (on the gallon)
  • Yellow Bubble Upgrade (on the gallon)
  • Hazer See More ↗
Ground Fog

Ground Fog

  • Additional Gallon Of Fluid


  • Additional 1/2 Gallon of Fluid
Cold Spark Fountains

IL RESIDENTS: The State of Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal issued policy FP-ADM-003-19 declaring “Cold Sparks” subject to OSFM licensing and Pyrotechnic Permits. If you find an individual or company offering this service without OSFM licensing and Pyrotechnic Permits, please notify the local Fire Marshal and OFSM immediately as their operation could have fatal repercussions. Furthermore, purchasing their illegal service makes you and your event susceptible to an immediate shutdown and a significant fine.

Let us do this right for you!

Spark Machines & Permit(s)

Additional Spark Machines


Flamers & Permit(s)

Additional Flamers

  • Indoor Nozzle
  • External Fuel Tank

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