Team Time, Skillset, Transport, and Hospitality

Work / Labor

On-Site / Field


Tech1 / Designer

Tech2 / Operator


Team Attire Customization

  • T1: Casual through Dressy Casual / Uniformed: E.g. Clik / Massive Event T-Shirt or Polo, Jeans / Khakis / Cargo Pants, Work Shoes
  • T2: Semi-Formal: E.g. Suit Jacket, Dress Pants, Dress Shirt, Tie, Leather Shoes, On-Site Attire Switch
  • T3: Business Formal through Black Tie: E.g. Full Suit, Dry Cleaning, Pickup & Drop Off, On-Site Attire Switch
  • T4: Black Tie Optional: E.g. Tuxedo Fitting, Tuxedo Rental, Pickup & Drop Off, On-Site Attire Switch
  • T5: White Tie: E.g. Tuxedo Fitting, Premium Tuxedo Rental, Pickup & Drop Off, On-Site Attire Switch
  • Custom / Festive / Costume Attire

Office / Warehouse

Animation/Visuals Design

Video Designer

Graphic Designer

Monogram Designer

Show Designer

Special Designer

Team Hospitality


Full-Day / Hot Meal(s)

Half-Day / Cold Meal





Artist Hospitality

Stage Support

  • Heated Fan Upgrade

Artist Support


  • Heated Fan Upgrade
Transport Packages

Tier 5​

Tier 4

Tier 3

Tier 2

Tier 1

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