Professional Lighting

WOW Factor

We're all about creating a WOW factor for you and your guests.

LED Bulbs

All of our lighting is LED to save on additional power costs and reduce environmental impact.


Whether this goes outside in a forest or in a conference center, lighting is adjusted and adapted to the space.


You can expect the highest grade lighting with highly rated brands for the best reliability and experience.

Moving Spots / Beams

Tour Moving Head Pair

Spots & Follow Spots


Spot Tier 2 (Pro)

Spot Tier 1 (Simple)

Lighting Tech β†—
Stage / Platform Riser β†—
Stands and Truss β†—

Follow Spots

Tier 2 (Stadium/Field)

Tier 1 (Small)

Lighting Tech β†—
Stage / Platform Riser β†—
Stands and Truss β†—
Strobe & Eye Candy Lighting

Atomic Strobe, Blinder, & Wash

Intelligent Lighting

A Dance Floor Color Wash Light Show System

Intelligent Light System

  • Additional Set Up & Strike
UV Blacklight Lighting

UV Cannon

  • Additional Set Up & Strike
Pinspot Lighting

Pinspots (3 accents per bar)

String Cafe/Bistro Lights

String Cafe/Bistro Lights

  • Stands and Truss
  • Additional Set Up & Strike
Mirror / Disco Balls

40" Mirror Ball

20" Mirror Ball

Lighting Desk / DMX Control

Tier 3 Lighting Desk

Tier 2 Lighting Desk

Tier 1 Lighting Desk​

W-DMX Transmitter
Lighting Technicians β†—

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