High-Powered Lasers

We Maintain An FDA Radiological Variance for High-Powered Lasers

High-Powered Laser Shows, Mappings, Branding

Tier 4

Tier 3

Tier 2

Tier 1

Audience Scanning
Outdoor (Uncovered) Use
Laser Beam Color

Our laser fixtures contain full RGB diodes and can produce over 1.5 million colors.

Laser Intensity

We use 5,000mW Class 4 high-powered laser projectors unless otherwise purchased. 

  1. Clearance: A clearance of at least a 3-meters over Guests or more is required.
  2. Termination: all laser beams must be terminated on non-flammable objects and in-sight of the laser technician.
  3. Obstructions: No windows or reflective objects can be in the scanning zone(s) of the projected beams. 
  4. Temperature: All laser fixtures cannot be used 40-degrees fahrenheit or less, or 100 degrees or more. 
  5. Atmospheric: Fog/haze is required for lasers and if omitted, so are lasers for safety reasons.
  6. Permit: Some states and local laws require permit(s) and registration(s). 

Special signage will need to be displayed to all guests as they enter the space. You must have a single entry point so guests are exposed to the warning signs. 

Outdoor Laser Show

Yes, a laser show that is contained on the property and not shooting in the sky are fine. Beams projected off the property, sky billboards, and beams projected in sky need to have a plan submitted to the FAA. This can take 1-2 months. 

Audience Scanning

Yes, but having audience scanning laser shows are rare in the USA. They are very expensive and require 1:1 work with the FDA and laser fixture manufacturer. Each laser projector will be fitted with a special sensor with additional sensors around the venue to measure radiation output and exposure. Indoor only.

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