High-Powered Lasers

We Maintain An Active FDA Radiological Variance for Class 4 High-Powered Lasers

Laser Show Requirements

To use Class IV laser projectors at Service Location, a clearance of at least a 3-meters over Guests or more is required and depends on law. No windows or reflective objects can be in the scanning zone(s) of the projected beams. Company is not able to use laser lighting “outdoors” unless inside a tent with thick non-transparent, non-reflective, non-punctured material. Lasers will not be used in less than 40-degree temperatures. Fog/haze is required for lasers and if omitted, so are lasers for safety reasons.

Laser Permit / Fees

Some states, counties, and cities require approval of a laser show. Sometimes to get the approval, it involves permits and/or additional costs. These additional costs are not included. Event organizers, especially those who are experienced, purposely avoid certain areas that have these costs and regulation. However, no matter the case, we are here to help. Any costs are the responsibility of Host. 


For Illinois, they require 10 days to approve the laser show. 


All other states should consult this link


Local law laser signage is the responsibility of Host. 

High-Powered Laser System

Audience Scanning


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