Monogram Services

At Clik, we have 2 types of Monogram Projections

Type 1 Monogram - Projection
Wall Only

A projector is used to display a Monogram on the wall. Note: there needs to be space about 7ft off the wall along with wall space. This is great to fill up wall space and work great for individuals on a budget. Projection could also be used for animated monograms!

Type 2 Monogram - Gobo Projection
Floor, Ceiling, and/or Wall

A custom glass gobo (takes up to 2 weeks to create and arrive at Clik) is put inside a professional gobo fixture for the ultimate display. This will give monograms a crisp and bright display, can be thrown from long distances, and can be displayed much larger than Type 1.

Custom Monogram Design
By: Ace Designs

For an additional fee (or included in a package), Clik is partnered with Ace Designs who will work with you and create your personalized monogram!

Monogram Examples