Moving Head Lighting Features


Have the lights stand out, illuminating the entire room with unique designs, colors, and effects.

Moving Full-Room Coverage

Allow the lighting to move around the room and not just scan the dance floor.


The fixtures have the same controllable options a concert has.

What 4 Moving Heads Look Like

4 Tour-Grade Moving Head fixtures with Truss Totems. This image was from the Chicago Innovation Awards.

What 6 Moving Heads Look Like

6 Moving Head fixtures with Horizontal Aerial Trussing. This image was from a Manistique, Michigan city-wide function.

Regular-Grade vs. Professional-Grade vs. Tour-Grade


Just under Tour-Grade but above typical equipment or Regular-Grade, Professional-Grade specifications exceed those of regular equipment significantly. This increase could be due to the wattage, lumens, available features, customizations, and more. 




This highest rated equipment for concerts, festivals, and more. Tour-Grade is road worthy gear that is made to handle the toughest environments and pushed to its limits.