Lighting Add-Ons / Upgrades

Make Your Event Clik with Modern and Tour Professional Lighting


Wireless, Controlled, Bright, And 359 Billion Colors

Head Table

$300 Up To 6 Fixtures

Full Room

$600 Up To 12 Fixtures

Large Room

$900 Up To 18 Fixtures

Creative Light Effects

Create a unique experience

Projection or Gobo Projection

$300 per wall projection display
$500 per custom glass gobo and professional monogram fixture for bright, crisp, and in any place projection
$50 per custom logo design by Ace Designs

Pin Spot Lighting

$200 per 6 Tables Package
$30 per additional table

Special Creations

Ellipsoidal Fixtures + Uplighting
TBD upon request of scene

Follow Spot

$499 per fixture and attendant

Light Show Add-Ons

Awe your guests with these stunning light shows

COB/LED UV Blacklights

$399 per system

Class IV Laser Show

$999 per 2 projectors + Fog/Haze

Atomic LED Strobe/Blinder

$599 per 2 fixtures

Moving Head LED Fixtures

$999 per 4 fixtures

Video Screens

Slideshow, Concert Visuals, Presentation, We’ve Got You Covered

Projection Video Screen with Visuals

$699 per 8x6ft screen

LED Video Wall with Visuals

$1,999 per 12sqft

Atmospherics & Effects

Create and environment everyone will remember

Confetti Air Cannons x2

$449 per 2 machine setups

Non-Flammable Sparks x2

$999 per 2 machine setups

Arena Bubble Machine

$199 per machine setup

Foam Machine

$899 per machine setup and 2 hour duty

Ground Fog

$599 per machine setup

Arena Glow Bubble Machine

$199 per machine setup + UV Lighting

Arena Fog Machine / Haze Machine

$149 per machine setup

High Output 'Fake Snow' Machine

$599 per machine setup

Sound Adjustments

Customize so you have every inch of the location heard

Shure Wireless Microphones - Lavalier or Handheld (2)

$199 per setup

Bass Upgrade

$399 per 1 high powered subwoofer

Additional Sound System with Mixer

$349 per 2 speaker setups

Additional Speaker

$189 per speaker

Structures, Staging, Crowd Control

Told you. We have everything.

X Dance Floor Truss Structure

$1,799 per structure


$1,899 per structure

Steel Linking Barricades

$39 per barrier

Adjustable Height Stage Platform

$129 per 4x8ft deck
$109 per staircase
$89 stage skirting

Square Dance Floor Truss Structure

$1,999 per structure

Mojo Barriers

$499 per 6 barrier


Although we don’t supply these, our partners do!

Modern Open or Closed Photo Booth

$395 + $100 an hour

LED Dancefloor

E-mail for price


It’s the little things

Branded Giant 48" White Beach Balls

$199 per 10 on 11 week purchase

Branded Thunder Stick Light-Up Noise Makers

$299 per 100 on 11 week purchase

Glow Stick Necklaces

$199 per 100

Solid White Dancing Flip Flops

$199 per 72 lady size pairs

Interested in an Add-On or two?

Let us know by reaching out.