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Why Clik?


Professional DJs

Our accomplished DJs and Master of Ceremonies not only read your guests for the next best song but also make formal announcements, coordinate punctually, and ensure that everything is organized so you can concentrate on what matters.

Specialist Technicians

Just like Batman has Robin in the field, DJs utilize Audio, Lighting, Laser, and Video Technicians when necessary. Technicians add an extra layer of on-site safety, haste, and knowledge for a true masterpiece event.

Expert Designers

Stage, Audio, Lighting, Video, Laser, and Graphic Designers work one-on-one with you to predict all outcomes, craft the piece to you liking, and ultimately make your dreams become reality.


Online Account & Forms

Using your CLIK account information, you have 24/7 access to view your service, balance, planning, forms, and more.

Online Song Requests

Inside our CLIK account, now with Spotify integration, you can categorize songs or build playlists. We play what you want to hear!

Timeline Builder

Attached to your CLIK account is a pre-designed timetable, specific to your event. Tell us how you want things to flow!


Consultants are ready to help you, even beyond their scope of work. By the clik of a button, you can create a meeting, video call, or phone call.

Guest Requests

Master Account holders have the option to crowd source song requests from trusted guests. Host can approve or deny guest requests.

Event Planners

Master account holders can request additional account credentials for their other helpers/planners, who may not need full access to the entire account.



A lot of businesses throw around the words "state of the art system," but we actually mean it. We use premium full-range of human hearing sound, sometimes in line-array form and depending on the size of your production. No JBL Eon, Gemini, or Behringer here.

Wireless System

Like the countermelody of any good song, a high-end microphone system is warranted for any good event. A Shure mic system is used for distant toasts and announcements. A mic distro and directional antennas may be used, making sure your guests hear every word.


One of the most important parts of a memorable event is ambiance. That is why we don't use "DJ Lights" - they have no strategic or dynamic addition to your location. Instead, you can expect to see lighting that transforms, engages, and compliments the venue.

High-Powered Lasers

We are one of the .0001% of DJ companies in the USA that carry an FDA radiological license for Class IV high-powered full-color aerial laser projectors.


Quality video is critical for presentations, monograms, concert visuals, and more. We use outdoor rated LED Video Panels and Projectors to deliver the clearest picture in any environment.


Non-Flammable Sparks, Confetti Cannons, Streamer Cannons, Pro-Bubbles, Ground Fog, Balloon Drops, Pro-Snow Machine, Haze, you name it.



We carry a general liability policy, a commercial automobile policy, and an inland marine policy so we can perform at any location with ease.

DOT Compliant Transportation

Not only are we commercially insured, but we also have DOT compliant drivers with Medical Cards and Commercial Licenses for interstate travel.

Complete Customization

Our equipment comes from a full-size production company. We can provide a copious amount of customization to any package.

Expert Level Software

To go another step further, we use extremely professional software, unheard of in the DJ realm, such as Smaart, Resolume, Beyond, and GrandMA.

Unlimited Music Library

Since most event locations have Wi-Fi, we can access every available song in the world. DJs have full company authorization to purchase as needed.

Access To Novelty Add-Ons

High-Quality Uplighting, Name In Light Monograms, Photo Booths, LED Dance Floors, and more, are all available at your request.

Cherry On Top

Backup Equipment

Worried about an equipment failure? We test and clean our equipment before it leaves the warehouse. But just in case, we still have access to a warehouse full of equipment.

Backup Power

More locations then you think have a finicky power supply. No fear, most of our packages are equipped with a battery backup system so your event goes on without delay!

Backup DJ

Most packages include a Tech who can takeover if needed. However, you have the opportunity to reserve a second professional DJ to be on-call, if it gives you peace of mind.

Contents may change. Contents may not be in every service.


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Higher Levels will be unlocked upon request.

Level 9

800 Suggested Max Guest Amount (INDOOR)

Level 8

550 Suggested Max Guest Amount (INDOOR)

Level 7

500 Suggested Max Guest Amount (INDOOR)

Level 6

350 Suggested Max Guest Amount (INDOOR)

Level 5

300 Suggested Max Guest Amount (INDOOR)

Level 4

300 Suggested Max Guest Amount (INDOOR)

Level 3

200 Suggested Max Guest Amount (INDOOR)

Level 2

150 Suggested Max Guest Amount (INDOOR)

Level 1

100 Suggested Max Guest Amount (Indoor)

As Made Popular By Our Customers

Club Clik - Tier 3

400 Suggested Max Guest Amount (INDOOR)​

Club Clik - Tier 2

300 Suggested Max Guest Amount (INDOOR)​

Club Clik - Tier 1​

200 Suggested Max Guest Amount (INDOOR)​

Popular Add-Ons

Based On Your Event Type

High-Powered Lasers

Confetti Cannon


Modern Photo Booth


The Ultimate Experience






Dual HD Concert Tour Subwoofer

Features two 18” transducers with 4” inside/outside voice coils, designed to deliver a strong low frequency response. This direct radiating, high output, large-format subwoofer system is designed to compliment full-range loudspeakers. Driver mounting maximizes cone area and minimizes frontal area, providing acoustical performance and physical configuration well suited for creating large subwoofer arrays.

Quantity of dual subwoofer depends on package purchased.

Line-Array Sound System

A true active and high power ready to use touring system equipped with a high efficiency digital amplifier that delivers superior SPL reducing energy requirement. The integrated processing and the cabling reduction will make the set-up faster and easier and, thanks to its compact size, the truck space requirement is reduced to the minimum.

Truss Totems

Haze / Fog Atmospheric

Any professional visual setup requires the use of haze. If you’ve ever seen a play, been to a concert / festival, or participated in a sensory experience (haunted house, Disney ride), you’ve probably experienced this effect, though it’s probably not the part you remember. That’s because this is used to make the visual effects alive rather than provide you with a different ambiance. 

Some locations forbid the use of haze / fog, check with your location prior to purchase. It is required for lasers as the beams cannot be seen without it. 

Battery Backup System

The CLIK team is highly trained in power management, balancing loads over several circuits so even if the location has improper power, the show can go on. Power is always tested by CLIK before anything is plugged in so we know what we are dealing with.

However, location power isn’t always reliable. Buildings can have old power circuits, several utilities (refrigerators, vending machines) on a circuit that we have to use, or even have spotty or improper voltage. The last thing you want is a loss of a circuit at your event and a 15 minute recovery time as we boot up our major systems again.

Even with a full loss of power, our recovery time will be seconds because of this battery backup system! Depending on the package, we may be able to temporarily run all systems off of this battery backup system, until power is restored. 

Tour LED Moving Head Fixtures

The rigging of these fixtures depends on your package. If no trussing exists, it is likely rigged to crank stands; otherwise, we rig it to a crossbar held up by trussing – a commonly desired appearance. If a high level package with horizontal trussing, we’re likely rigging it on horizontal truss for a very professional setup. 

From the Manufacturer:

Intense 240 W LED light engine for punchy, bold beams with two color wheels with 7 colors, split color ability, and continuous variable speed scrolling, two gobo wheels, rotating, interchangeable, indexing, continuously and variably scrollable Iris, 3-facet prism, and frost for beam control. Beautiful 16-bit LED dimming for ultimate fade control.

Professional Light Show Control

What’s better than intelligent lighting / sound active? A professional Lighting Designer (LD). Why? Lighting scenes are not on a loop, the visuals will always go to the music including high energy parts, scenes are built to the location architecture, and more visual value is delivered. Furthermore, if you are looking at a video system, lighting system, laser system, or special effects, an LD combines these system into one control desk for a synchronous visual experience. 

The type of control desk may vary depending on your level of production. 

Shure Wireless Microphone Systems

We purposely the mention the brand Shure because they make one of the most reliable wireless microphone systems that exist in the world, not to mention their quality. Your package will declare the quantity of microphones, type of microphone (handheld, lavalier, headset, RTA), and the microphone system itself. If you have multiple microphones, we may bump you up to an antenna distributor with L/R paddles. for tour-grade directional connections. 

That said, once all guests are present in the space, we test the wireless signal in the room for possible interference and adjust the frequency of the system accordingly. In some skyscrapers and locations, it is possible that they have a signal blocker or disruptor so it will not be possible or reliable to use our wireless technology. Luckily, we still bring a wired microphone just incase they forget to inform us. Furthermore, some locations have restrictions on the wireless bands so it’s important you get someone professional to work their way around this. 

Color Wash Dance Floor Light Show

LED lighting system, powered by a total of 480*10mm LEDs. Each fixture comes equipped with 120* (R:48 G:36 B:36) LEDs and will remain sound active during dancing. Auto and Sound Active modes feature 18 different built-in programs including a variety of unique 4-pixel chase effects in each of the 4 fixtures, plus static color and strobe effects.

Premium Loudspeakers

It’s always easier to turn the volume down than up. That is why we include 2,000W+ of sound even in our lower levels, so no matter what environment you put us in, we can handle it. Furthermore, we typically use RCF (Italian) quality speakers for the best sound you can get – depends on your level of production. 

When you have 2x of our dual subwoofers, we will substitute stands for pole mounts for a more professional look. Add our appearance upgrade to get skirting on stands and truss as desired!