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Fundraisers, Speakers, Sessions, Conferences, Galas, Announcements, & Live Entertainment

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In Base Studio Broadcast

Our Site - Tier 1

Our Site - Tier 2

Our Site - Tier 3

On Your Website

On Your Social Media


If desired, choose one of our registration pathways to know who is in attendance, or use your own. Not for Social Media Hosting. 

In Base Studio Broadcast

Info Capture

RSVP System

Ticketing System


We will help you where we can with creating content that activates your community to attend or reminisce this event. 

Content Bundle

Recap Video

Promo Video - Tier 1

Promo Video - Tier 2

Promo Video - Tier 3


If you are having an event that needs a storyline e.g. information session with speakers, a host, interviews, etc. and you feel overwhelmed, we have you covered. 

In Base Studio Broadcast


Side By Side Planning


If there is no need to live perform certain parts of your event, we recommend to pre-record them. These will broadcasted as if they are live. 

In Base Studio Broadcast


In-Person Recording

Drone Recording


Website Design

If hosted on our website. 

In Base Studio Broadcast

Our Site - Tier 1

Our Site - Tier 2

Concierge Page

Custom Graphics & Animations

Shop Picture Rate

Shop Video Rate

Shop Animations Rate



On-Site - Tier 1

On-Site - Tier 2

On-Site - Tier 3


On Broadcast

Interact Feature Bundles

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Live Virtual DJ

Tier 1

Tier 2

Guest Featuring

Tier 1

Gift guests the ability to video-call in (no audio), just to show them dancing in their home with their glow sticks, spirit-wear, or other props that pertain to your event. 

Tier 2

Add a second operator and system so 2 simultaneous video call-ins can be featured on the livestream at once! Guests will have the ability to chose between two waiting rooms. 

On Event Page

Free Concierge Page with any paid event page upgrade.

Virtual Photo Booth

Tier 1

On your event page we will place a virtual photo booth. Upon virtual entry and camera approval, guests will see a custom designed picture frame about your event around themselves. After a photo is taken with the picture frame, they will be able to share the photo(s) immediately. You will get a copy of all the photos after the event so you can post them as desired. 

Tier 2

In addition to Tier 1 features, guests will have access to a number of novelty features including an AI background removal feature for pristine photo quality. You will also see all the photos taken LIVE as they come in, made possible with a personal photo booth operator and shared cloud folder. 

Virtual Booths

Virtual Vendor Booths

We will set up virtual vendor booths on your site where vendors that you invite can have their own virtual room and talk with guests about their product, just as they would at an in-person event!

Virtual Bartender Booth

A virtual bartender will be in a virtual booth for all your guests to watch, interact, and learn the proper ways to make a few of your event’s specialty drinks. The virtual bartender will also be able to help households make certain drinks using just the ingredients they have at home. 

Extended Bundles

Toast Bundle

During the night guests will be able to video-call in and leave a comment, message, or praise for the organization. The video designer will compose a short video to play at the end of the event as credits. 

Silent Raffle / Auction Bundle

Having a raffle or auction of items? Let us know and we will custom design a page to make this happen in real-time. 

*Price or feature may depend on location and availability.