Effect Benefits


Effects are known to describe a person or theme.


WOW your guests with the latest special effects.


Find all your special effects with CLIK

Special Effects

Confetti Blasts

Confetti & Streamer Details

Cannon Package

*Depending on your base production, additional hands may need to be appended.


Snow Details

Snow Package


Bubble Details

Bubble Package

Balloon drops

Balloon Drop Features

Great for Moments

Drops work great for countdowns, big announcements, goal achievements, and more.

Professional Drops

We use industry standard practices, materials, and supplies.

Add Multiple Drops

Add multiple balloon drops for wider coverage or more than one drop at your event.

Balloon Drop Packages

125 Balloon Drop

250 Balloon Drop

500 Balloon Drop

1000 Balloon Drop

*Depending on your base production, additional hands may need to be appended.


Fog / Haze

Fog / Haze Details

Fog or Haze Package

Ground Fog Details

Professional Ground Fog Package

CO2 Cryo Blasts

CO2 Cryo Packages

Tier 3

Tier 2

Tier 1

Note: 1 50lb CO2 tank with 1 CO2 blaster produces about 50 seconds of cryo effect. 1 50lb CO2 tank with 2 blasters produces 25 seconds of cryo effect.
The CO2 effect must be in a well ventilated area.


Cold Spark Fountains

The State of Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal recently issued policy FP-ADM-003-19 declaring this a Mechanical Pyrotechnic Fountain that is subject to OSFM licensing and Pyrotechnic Permits. If you find an individual or company offering this service without OSFM licensing and Pyrotechnic Permits, please notify the local Fire Marshal immediately as their operation is illegal and unsafe.

Spark Fountain Packages

2 Spark Fountains

4 Spark Fountains

6 Spark Fountains

*A permit and insurance cost may apply, not included in price. 


Pyrotechnic Packages

We use the highest quality flamers for a safe and memorable show. We do not use gas or propane fuels. 

Festival Flamer

Stage Flamer

Club Flamer


Note: 5L is about 83 seconds of flame effect. The flame effect must be in a well ventilated area.