Professional Audio Systems & Audio Backline

Tier 3 Speaker

HD Line-Array Loudspeaker

  • Stacking Bracket / Heavy Duty Fly Bracket (15)
  • Stand Bracket / Fly Bracket (4)
  • 25' XLR
  • Steel Rope and Shackle
  • Trussing / Staging System

Tier 2 Speaker

HD 2-Way Loudspeaker

Tier 1 Speaker

2-Way Loudspeaker

Dual HD Subwoofer

  • 25' XLR

Studio Monitor

  • 25' XLR
  • Studio Monitor Stand

Wireless Microphone System


Receiver Box

Distro & Receiver Box


Dynamic Handheld

  • Microphone Stand & Clip TBA
  • Microphone Boom Stand & Clip TBA

Bodypack & XLR Adapter

Bodypack & Lavalier

Bodypack & Condenser

Coverage Antennas


Directional & Stands

  • Music Sheet Stand TBA
  • An Antenna Distro is needed if you have 3 or more wireless signals transmitted simultaneously
  • Directional Antennas avoid interference coming from undesired directions
  • Omnidirectional Antennas have a higher chance of interference as they pick up signal in a spherical patterns.

Wired Microphone Systems

Condenser Mic

Dynamic Microphone

  • Microphone Stand & Clip TBA
  • Microphone Boom Stand & Clip TBA
  • Music Sheet Stand TBA
  • 25' XLR TBA
  • Don’t forget the stand!
  • Wired microphones must be near the mixer. 
Mixing Desks

Tier 3 Mixing Desk

Tier 2 Mixing Desk

Tier 1 Mixing Desk

Sound Measuring & Monitoring Desks

Tier 2

Tier 1

  • Microphone Stand & Clip TBA
  • Microphone Boom Stand & Clip TBA
  • Music Sheet Stand TBA
  • 25' XLR TBA
  • Every location is different and requires the room to be balanced. Hear the music how it’s meant to be heard in the highest of quality.
  • Measures, phase traces, balances, delays, and aligns all speaker output using Real-Time Analyzer microphones and sound impression software.
  • Divergent speakers are speakers that are not aligned with the FOH L/R system. I.e. 2 L/R speakers plus a speaker used for reinforcement further down is 1 divergent speaker.

Tier 2 Sound Measuring

Tier 1 Sound Measuring ​

DJ Desks & Music Backline

Tier 2 DJ Desk

Tier 1 DJ Desk

Comp Mix

Automix Device

Audience Headphones

Wireless Audience Headphones

  • Disposable Sanitary Replacement Headphone Earpad Covers
  • Branded Headphones

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