Professional Uplighting

More Than Uplighting

Uplighting Features

Up to 11 Hour Battery

Make the night last with this Lithium-Ion internal battery system embedded in every fixture.

Billions of Colors

Our fixtures color mix with RGBAW+UV 6-in-1 LEDs, able to produce billions of color combinations.

Weather/Spill/Kick Proof

They regularly hit up the gym, well it looks like it with their rugged design, not to mention their waterproof IP65 rating.

Extremely Bright​

With a beam angle of 25° and 7x 15W LEDs, our fixtures can output ​up to 6,590 Lux@ 1m, approaching the brightness of daylight.

Wireless Control

We can make color adjustments from a computer to all fixtures, and even give you a light show when the night gets late.

Flicker Free

Don't let cheap uplights ruin your photos. Our fixtures are flicker-free at a constant-current of 400Hz.



Technology Rendered By MASSIVE

Clik Entertainment will provide the service, MASSIVE Audio Visual will supply the technology. You will receive tested, cleaned, and tour-grade equipment.

Uplighting Bundles

An LED Wall can be used both indoor and outdoor, during the day or at night, in any size configuration, for 50 to 40,000 guests. ​

XL Room

Large Room

Full Room

Small Room

Depending on your base production, additional hands or a travel upgrade may need to be appended.

Uplighting Quality Analysis

Case Study: Bride's Experience​

A bride needed help with her big day. She wanted it to be stunning and knew uplighting was necessary. The bride got a quote from the venue and from CLIK. She noticed a price difference and was unsure why. She began to investigate, having CLIK meet her at the location to compare fixtures with the venue’s. The venue’s fixtures were RGB (a more limited color spectrum) and outputted “funky colors,” per the bride. The venue then turned on all of their fixtures in the room and the bride noticed that the colors weren’t consistent between every fixture, plus they had to plug each one in manually. She also noticed that the spread of light upon the wall left circle-like shapes. This is because of the round LEDs inside their fixture, not professionally designed to color blended. CLIK then demonstrated its RGBAW+UV color spectrum, brightness, mixing, and more. The decision was made within seconds.

Case Study: Corporate's Experience​

A non-profit organization was hosting a gala at a large venue. The non-profit approached CLIK about their uplighting needs and said they were just looking for the cheapest option. The venue quoted a few hundred dollars less than CLIK, so the non-profit went with the venue. Before the event took place, the planning board was able to stop by the location to peek at a similar event happening. They immediately noticed that the venue’s uplighting drastically faded along the pillars of the location. A photo was taken by a member with a professional camera, and he noticed that the uplighting was messing up pictures. This was a problem for them because they knew it wasn’t right for their sponsors or guests. They switched to CLIK the day before the event. On-site, CLIK was able to wirelessly control each fixture, creating the exact color they were looking for. The brightness of the fixtures were adjusted to reach all the way up the pillars and, by default, the fixtures are flicker-free.