Professional Monograms

Name In Lights, Logos, Dates, Animations

Monogram Types


Gobo Projection

Glass is our recommended gobo option, due to its versatility, brightness, and quality imaging. We use custom made glass gobos for the ultimate clarity. It even works great on dark surfaces.


Laser Projection

Laser projection works great for long-distance throws, narrow throws, text, motion/changing text, simple graphics, and short animation. This is the brightest option.


Video Projection

Video projection works great if you want something simple or something animated and don't mind the 10ft footprint. Video projection may only be projected onto a flat light colored wall.


Video Screen

Monograms can be displayed on an LED wall or TV screen. This option works very well if you will be using video for another activity, presentation, speech, advertising or concert visuals.


Name in lights / Logo

Display your personal or professional logo on any surface for maximu

Branding / Signage

Personalize the event using your brand colors, fonts, and design on signage.

Theme Maker

Make a theme come true with graphics or quotes that resemble your vision.


Technology Rendered By MASSIVE

Clik Entertainment will provide the service, MASSIVE Audio Visual will supply the technology. You will receive tested, cleaned, and tour-grade equipment.

Monogram Bundles

Laser Bundle

Digital Bundle

Gobo Bundle

Depending on your base production, additional hands or a travel upgrade may need to be appended. *Illinois permit included. May require additional permits.

Video Animations

LED Wall, LED TV, Projection & Screen, Animated Laser

Our Lasers Can Be Aerial Too

Monogram Quality Analysis

Case Study: Couple's Experience

The bride and groom knew this was going to hit CLIK’s website! All they wanted was a fancy way to put their initials on the floor. The venue offered them a great rate so they didn’t bother to look elsewhere. The venue created their gobo after it was designed and, luckily, was able to display it to the couple a week before the big day. Apparently, it looked “disgusting.” The couple came to CLIK and CLIK was able to take their existing design and rush order a glass gobo. The couple had to pay both the venue and CLIK but were VERY happy with the change.

Case Study: Corporate's Experience​

A company was hosting a 3-day medical conference and needed their logo projected onto a wall in a large format. The third-party service had them purchase a metal gobo and fixture with a 40 degree lens. On day-1 of the conference, they noticed how faded the image looked on the wall due to daylight from the windows. By chance, a CLIK employee was in the space and suggested Laser Projection. On day-2, CLIK was able to create that logo, in color, even brighter then imagined.